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Introduction to Passive Process Products



  • Applicable to passive circuit chip design and manufacture;
  • Match circuit, power divider/ synthesizer, filter, and coupler

Introduction to GaAs Process Products

PPA25: 0.25 µm Power pHEMT Process

Process Features:
  • 0.25μm Optical T-gate
  • Planarization Process (Ion Implantation and Isolation)
  • Double Recess
  • High-Q Passivation Layer
  • MIM Capacitor
  • TaN Resistor(50Ω/sq)
  • GaAs Resistor
  • Air Bridge
  • Backside Via Hole
  • Protection overcoat(PBO)
  • Operation up to Vd=8V
Classical Technical Parameters:

  • Applicable to medium and small broadband and narrowband power amplifiers, able to realize multiple MMIC
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