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Position: GaAs process researcher & developer

1) Responsible for GaAs extension, device structure design and simulation according to actual demands;
2) Responsible for key device process design and simulation, assisting process engineers in debugging process parameters in the process of GaAs process development;
3) Responsible for collecting and surveying extended GaAs products’ market trends and following up product technology information and technological trends.

A) Bachelor’s degree or higher in Microelectronics, Electronic Engineering, Materials, etc.;
B) With at least three years’ work experience, familiar with GaAs wafer process, able to use various simulators skillfully;
C) Good at interpersonal communication and verbal & literal expression, able to work enthusiastically, conscientiously and carefully on a teamwork basis, and act in a steady-going manner.

Position: Layout engineer/ PDK engineer

1) Chip layout arrangement, DRC/LVS validation; and
2) PDK development and maintenance.

A) Familiar with chip layout arrangement and experienced in application of layout software (e.g. ADS layout or Cadence Virtuoso);
B) Familiar with DRC/LVS validation procedures; those interested in amending DRC/LVS command files are preferred (e.g. ADS Desktop DRC/LVS, Calibre or Assura and some other related software);
C) Interested in writing and amending ADS AEL;
D) Able to work carefully, patiently, and conscientiously;
E) Bachelor’s degree or higher in Electronics or computer-related majors; those with working experience are preferred.

Position: Technical support staff

1) Technical support relating client’s MMIC;
2) Post-pilot production test, validation, revision-based production, and technical support for clients; and
3) Technical consulting service relating client’s technological evaluation and test demands.

A) Familiar with microwave, analog RF circuit design theories and microwave electromagnetic field theories;
B) Familiar with design and validation software, such as ADS, Cadence, Calibre;
C) Familiar with Si/SiGe CMOS/BiCMOS process or RFIC/MMIC design procedures of GaAs/GaN HBT/HEMT;
D) Those experienced in chip design are preferred;
E) With good occupational qualities and good teamwork spirit.

Position: Model engineer

1) Responsible for modeling and characteristic analysis of such devices as transistor, diode, resistor, and capacitor in the semiconductor process;
2) Responsible for design and layout of test structure used for device modeling;
3) Responsible for tests relating modeling; and
4) Responsible for helping clients solve model-related technical problems.

A) Bachelor’s degree or higher in Microwave, Semiconductor, Electronic Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and other related majors;
B) Familiar with semiconductor device’s operating principle and microwave measurement; those experienced in microwave and semiconductor device modeling are preferred;
C) Those who once used ADS and IC-CAP software are preferred;
D) Good at communication, coordination, and teamwork

Position: Reliability engineer

1) Work out reliability testing procedures and reliability job specifications and implement them;
2) Test reliability of production line samples and provide an accurate and reliable analysis report timely;
3) Test reliability of samples provided by clients and provide an accurate and reliable analysis report timely;
4) Make a study of reliability testing methods and develop new reliability testing methods in combination with semiconductor device design and process;
5) Participate in the survey and analysis of serious abnormities appearing in the factory or at the client end and work with relevant units to improve product quality;
6) Maintain and service reliability lab equipment; and
7) Train reliability test analyzers.

A) Bachelor’s degree or higher;
B) Major: Microelectronics, Physics, or related majors;
C) Master degree/bachelor’s degree: at least one year’s working experience;
D) Experienced in reliability testing & analysis in the semiconductor industry; have a good command of reliability testing methods; familiar with operation of reliability testing and analysis devices; know well about common semiconductor faults; familiar with ISO9001 quality system knowledge; have a good command of such tools as FMEA, SPC, and MSA;
E) Hold a Certificate of CET4 or higher;
F) Able to use PPT and Excel skillfully; and
G) Good at communication and coordination.

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